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A Mobile app where you share your expertise and business

Xpert Insights mobile app is part of a series of mobile apps launched by App Bros Designed to spotlight and promote professionals in all areas of expertise. Following our very successful Personal Development App and The Natural Living App, Xpert Insights will offer a wider range of topics and access to experts, their ideas, messages, content, courses, expert talks, programs and products.

This website is explain the opportunity for experts who want to be featured in this app and promoted on our virtual speaking tour starting in December and going throughout 2021.

Xpert Insights
Xpert Insights

Experts Sharing Their Knowledge & Ideas

Learn How You Can Deliver a 20 Minute Talk On Your Expertise and Promote Your Business

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Deliver a 20-Minute Talk to our audience and have it featured in the xpert insights mobile app

Starting Tuesday December 1st 2020 we start a series of weekly events in which we stream and record 20 minute talks and interactions with experts on their message, business and ideas that they want to share with people from all over the world. In addition to the talk is the ongoing exposure inside the app under your designated profile where you can share content and information about you do and offer. See below for the options available in the app.

An Account In Xpert Insights Also Gives You (most are free)...

  • Every expert will get a profile listing in our Xpert Directory

  • Have your content be listed in the most relevant topic that relates to your business

  • Participate in our eCourse Collective where you offer an ecourse to our membership base and we pay you for every member we have that gets access to your course

  • Promote your online or in-person events in our Events section of the app

  • Publish your own Digital Tracka'book and drive people "virally" to your special offers or invites

  • Share video content and even have us setup a direct link from your Youtube channel to your profile

  • Share your articles or blog posts

  • Create powerful "Journal Lessons" on your topics to make them personal to our users

  • Answer the most commonly asked questions about your business in our Q&A section

  • Deliver livestream events through the app in your profile

  • Submit Tips and Posts so our audience has access to your most powerful ideas

Xpert Insights Offers a Wide Range of Expert Topics

This app is organized to offer a wide range of topics with content from the experts featured in the app (YOU) and focus on highlighting the teachings, programs and products from these experts. Inside the app, in addition to the individual expert profiles, we will feature these topics such as below (and more) so users can go directly to content that interests them and get value from a wide range of experts.

Personal Growth

Health & Wellness





Network Marketing

Making Money

+ More!

How to Be an Expert In Our Speaking Tour...

Email to learn how to be one of our guest speakers.

Email Us To Get Setup w/ a Free Profile

While we setup our automatted system to receive requests and setup free profiles in Xpert Insights, please email a request to get information on what is needed to setup a profile and how to go about doing that.

Give us Your Profile Content Here

This form will give us the content to load into the app and link to your directory listing.

Let's Setup Your App Profile Here

This form, after you fill it out, will notify us that you would like to be added to the Xpert Insights experts directory. After you fill this out you will be taken to one more form, which will ask you for some content so we can link your profile to messages that help people experience your message. Content will be explained on that form.

Sign Up Below to Get Access and updates on our weekly live Expert INsights show and speaking tour

Starting January 5th we will be hosting a live video podcast called The Expert Insights Tour, which will feature live (and recorded in the app) talks from the experts featured in this app. These "Insights Talks" offer you a sampling of the expertise and knowledge these experts have and give you an opportunity to connect with them directly through the app and in their business programs. To be updated by push notifications and email, fill out the form below so we can let you know who is speaking each week and how to get direct LIVE access through the app.

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The AMP eXperience Ticket Package

There is no event like the AMP Experience in not only content and mobile app focus but in actual value delivered by the AMPx Team and Expert trainers. The cost of an AMPx Event ticket is ONLY $249 or $97 for Online Events For this you get 3 DAYS of trainings and over $2500 worth of accounts, content, marketing and technologies (see below).

10 Tracka'Books™

$70 Value - The Tracka'Book™ concept is one of the most exciting concepts to hit the expert / messenger space because it brings book writing, publishing and sharing into the digital age and instead of people reading and hanging on to books and not taking the next step to engage with the author, this concept provides an exciting way for readers to experience more of what that author has to offer.

Access to exclusive event content in the AMP App (from this event & future events)

$1500 Value - Attend one event but get access to the teachings from ALL events. We show you one of the powerful features of the Expert app by giving you a special AMPx account to the AMP app where you will be able to re-watch the main trainings from the experts at your event AND the experts in events previous and that follow. This basically gives you videos, articles, journals and Q&A's from all 12 AMPx events over the course of the next year. It's like getting 12 event tickets for the cost of one!

1-Yr. "Full Profile" Membership to One of Our Community Apps

Personal Development App, Natural Living App or Expert Insights App

A $500 Value! - You will receive a FULL profile account in the community app that best fits your business. PDA is for Personal Development experts, Natural Living is for health professionals and Expert Insights is for all other business experts. With this account you can apply what you learn from this event and start leveraging the mobile app space.

Membership to the App Member Program

A $100 Value! - One of the very powerful teachings you'll get from two of the AMPx founders, Trevor Thomas and Travis Richardson, is why creating community after an event like this is important in making sure what you learn here doesn't go away a couple weeks after the event. The App Member Program is the support group and system that will keep you connected and committed to putting these teachings in action.

AMPx Event Workbook & Marketing Plan

EAch participant will be given our AMPx Event Workbook that will help you organize your App Marketing Plan while taking this course and learning from our experts. This workbook will help you capture and organize what you learn while guiding you to create a plan that you can implement with your app account or own expert app.

100 Tracka'Cards™

$100 Value - One of the amazing marketing concepts created by App Bros Design is the Tracka'Card™ viral sharing and marketing concept which are inspirational cards that drive traffic to download the PDA app and give people who get these cards access to your app account, or generate downloads for you own Expert app. You'll get 200 cards to link to your PDA app account.


In the App Marketing & Profit (AMP) App, you will learn how to create stunning App content, build your App marketing platform & collaborate with others. You can also access the AMP community through the FREE AMP App!

⚡️AMP MEMBERS ~ Get access to exclusive articles, videos & freebies in the Members Area (+ access the AMP Community directly through the App)⚡️AMPx EVENT ATTENDEES ~ Re-watch trainings from event experts, & access videos, articles, journals & Q&A's from every AMPx event (+ get access to exclusive In-App trainings & materials)

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Have you considered moving your business or message into the up-and-coming Mobile App Space?The biggest challenge for small business experts and messengers is, quite frankly, the cost. Then there's leveraging this powerful platform by understanding how to reach more people, to generate new clients and make money with this amazing technology.What makes this worth the effort? Wouldn't growing your business opposite of everyone on Facebook... who struggle for exposure, be of value?To set yourself apart with cutting-edge technology that acts like a laser in targeting your market...wouldn't that be of value?And, keeping all the ads and distractions away? Another value.Sure, you say...but the cost of My Own personal or even community app is exorbitant...until NOW. Even Tony Robbins has a cookie-cutter App. You can do better! [SHOW FLYER]At the AmpXEvent coming to _______________ you will learn how launching your own app is not only possible and simple, but so affordable. Experts will be there guiding you in how to use this powerful tool, how to strategize it into your marketing plan for an expansive result, and following up with continued support.Thank you.
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